Here you can find the presentations from Agroforum 2018 as PDFs. Right click on the link to download the file. 


18. April

"E-agriculture for sustainable food systems: the FAO approach" Ms Yuriko Shoji, Deputy Regional Representative, Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia, FAO

"Digital transformation in the European agriculture" Mr Dušan Chrenek, Head of Unit, European Commission, DG AGRI

Hubert Bittlmayer, State Secretary of the Bavarian State Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry

"Digitalisation of Rural Life in Germany" Dr. Bernhard Polten, Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture of Germany

"Digital economy and global food chains: challenges and opportunities" Olga Trofimtseva, Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine on European Integration

"Digitalisation of Agriculture – the view from Moldova" Vasile Luca, State Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment of the Republic of Moldova

Deputy Secretary General for Food Safety, Research and Development, 

Thematic sessions

Turning soil data into decisions

Satellite based grassland mowing detectionEstonian Agricultural Registers and Information Board

Advisory Services trough improved technologyMartina Candolin (Association of ProAgria Centres)

"Farmers are revolutionizing agriculture" - Stenver Jerkku (eAgronom)

Critical factors for reduction of antimicrobial use in animal productionProf. Jaap A. Wagenaar DVM PhD

ow improved animal welfare can decrease the use of antibioticsSwedish University of Agricultural Sciences

National antimicrobial resistance monitoring program- surveillance, education and herd health

"Power Concentration in the Global Food System" Thierry Kesteloot​ (OXFAM)


19. April

"Innovative approaches to Waste-to-Bioenergy technology dissemenation in the Agricultural sector of the BSR countries" Stanislav Babich (St. Petersburg State University of Economics)

Estonian Agricultural Registers and Information Board

"Big Data Research - friend or foe?" Jaak Vilo (Institute of Computer Science)

"The Future of Tech on Earth 2025" Henrik Roonemaa (Geenius Meedia)