Presentation slides

Agroforum 2016 presentation slides


20. April

Mr Raimund Jehle (Deputy Regional Representative for Europe and Central Asia at FAO) - Addressing the Challenges of Sus tainable Food Security and Climate Change through Climate Smart Agriculture
Mr Joost Korte (Deputy Director-General, Agriculture and Rural Development, European Commission) - How Europe's Common Agricultural Policy Promotes Sustainability and Innovation
Mr Jan Lundin (Director General of the Secretariat of the Council of the Baltic States) - The CBSS Contribution to Sustainable Development.
Mr Vladimir Grakun (Deputy minister of Agriculture of Belarus) 
Mr Vasile Luca (Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry of Moldova)
Mr György Czerván (Secretary of State, Ministry of Agricultural Economy of Hungary) 

Baltic Sea Culinary Routes

Group 1 - Balance between intensification and environmental sustainability in contemporary agriculture 

Group 2 - Innovation and Environmentally Smart Agriculture (Summary)
Mr Edward Majevski (Warsaw University of Life Sciences) - Towards Environmentally Smart Agriculture – Case Study of Poland 
Mr Ants Hannes Viira (Estonian University of Life Sciences) - Towards Environmentally Smart Agriculture – Case Study of Estonia  
Mr Stanislav Babich (UNECON) - Towards Environmentally Smart Agriculture – Case Study of Leningrad Oblast, Russia
Mr Margus Ameerikas (Baltic Agro) - Innovation and International Markets - Success Story from Co-operation of Farmers 
Mr Martin Rand (VitalFields) - Data is the New Fertilizer We Should Use More of

Group 3 - Resilience of Agriculture to the Environmental Changes
Ms Liisa Pietola (Chairwoman of the Copa-Cogeca Working Party on Environment) - Sustainable Intensification
Ms Reve Lambur (Estonian Rural Economy Research Centre) - Environmental Rural Tourism - Added Value in Agriculture 
Prof Arvo Viltrop (Estonian University of Life Sciences) - Resilience of Agriculture in the Case of Cross-national Epidemics 
Sum-up plenary. Panel discussion: Environmentally Smart Agriculture - The Smartest Road to Take?


April 21

Mr Giuseppe Fantozzi (The World Bank) - Challenges in the Global Food System
Dr Eva-Maria Gokel (Bavarian Centre of Excellence for Nutrition) - Healthy Food from Sustainable Agriculture 
Prof Reiner Wittkowski (German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment) - How Environmentally Smart Agriculture Helps to Contribute to Risk Management and Resilience in Contemporary Agriculture 
Mr Peter Carey (University of Cambridge) - Protecting Biodiversity in an Agricultural Landscape
Mr Jean-Louis Buer (Regional Agricultural Counsellor, Embassy of France, Poland) - The 4 per 1000 Initiative: Soils for Food Security and Climate