Background materials

Free fair agricultural trade

Key points of free and fair trade of agricultural products. 

Value Added Trade of Agricultural and Food Products

So far, International agricultural trade has been one of the most cushioned sector of goods with limitations and restrictions. Several reasons, such as vital and strategic interests as well as multi-functionality of agriculture and others have been put forward. Measures taken by countries during the peak of the last crisis in 2008–2009 have been mapped by the Trade Committee of FAO. Since its establishment in 1994, WTO multilaterally and countries and customs areas bilaterally have been trying to make agricultural trade more open and the results have been visible as a global general trend.  In recent years, OECD has been focusing its attention on such a point of view that in the food production chain all stake holders are bound and interested in giving more value added. The work on instruments to measure the share of additional value added is close to conclusion and it will hopefully help to see international agricultural trade as a common interest.


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