City of Tartu

Tartu, the second largest city in Estonia, is a unique university and cultural city in southern Estonia that hosts many exciting events throughout the year and impresses with both medieval and modern architecture. It’s a safe compact city. 

Currently there are nearly 100 000 inhabitants living in Tartu. 

Tartu is known as the educational and research centre of Estonia. A well-functioning education system, 11 institutions of higher education, a compact business environment and different support structures create a favourable ground for the rapid and smart development of entrepreneurship. In addition to medical and biotechnology, the fields of information technology and electronics are also very well developed in Tartu, bringing together a number of successful companies and many start-ups, which the city’s business landscape continuously supports. In addition to hundreds of annually held local and international conferences, seminars and workshops in different fields, the largest business festival of the Baltics, sTARTUp Day, is also organised in Tartu, bringing together from all over the world both specialists in their respective fields as well as entrepreneurial enthusiasts who have only just begun making plans to start their own business.


You can find more information about Tartu by clicking here: Visit Tartu. The page has excellent overview of information about Tartu, it's history, environment, business oportunities and holiday and entertainment possibilities. 

More info about the city governance and administration can be found on the City homepage