Target groups

The Agroforum will be targeted at decision makers on political, administrative, research and producers’associations level, i.e. ministers of agriculture and other higher state public servants, rectors of agricultural universities, representatives of primary producers, food processors and producers’ associations, but also the wider public through different media.

The Agroforum will involve the countries bordering the Baltic Sea, such as Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Russia, and also the Eastern partnership countries, such as Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus and Georgia. Kazakhstan, one of the biggest grain producers in the world, will also be involved. 


The forum will end with the opening of the annual international Agricultural Fair 'Maamess', which our participants will have a chance to visit. It is the biggest agricultural and rural development fair in our region, bringing together more than 500 exhibitors and more than 40 000 visitors from ca 15 countries.