Planned topics for the next Agroforum


V AgroForum Mare Balticum 18-20 April 2017
Agriculture for rural development

Agriculture as one of the basis for rural development

  • The World Bank vision on the rural development and the role of changing agriculture in its development. Paavo Eliste, World Bank

  • Regional development and agriculture in Russia. UNECON

  • Regional development and agriculture in China’s Heilongjiang province. 

  • Influence of large corporations to rural life and SMEs, converging of certain sector chains (i.e. seed production etc) , influence to the agricultural market in general. 


Agricultural subsidies and support measures

  • Do agricultural measures have a positive influence on rural development and elimination of regional differences. Study from Latvia and Hungary.
  • The efficiency and influence of support measures offered by Estonian Rural Development Foundation to Estonian rural regions. Raul Rosenberg, MES
  • The role of small scale enterprises in rural regions (success, difficulty, problems in marketing etc)
  • Services in rural regions that support the development of local entrepreneurship, the role of local municipality as service provider.
  • Movement of locally produced food. Short supply chains.
  • Role of forestry and agriculture in rural development and employment, change dynamics in the past fifteen years.
  • Importance of the forestry and wood processing sector in the rural regions.


Animal husbandry in rural development and rural environment protection

  • Change in the animal husbandry structure in the past ten years (more niche marketing oriented, more beef production instead of milk production etc.). Animal husbandry’s role as a local employer and as a rural life initiator.

  • Animal husbandry’s contribution to environmental protection. Cattle production as one of the biggest environmental pollutants in agriculture, at the same time best method for preserving and protecting certain landscapes. Intensive and extensive animal husbandry.

  • Animal husbandry development in Caucasus.

  • Role of inland fisheries and aquaculture in rural regions.


Risk management in rural sector

  • Risk management and the future common agricultural policy. 

  • Introduced and exotic species in agriculture and gardening and its influence on natural environment.

  • Contribution of climate change to the spreading of diseases and pests, it’s influence on rural development. Possibilities of adapting to new conditions and dealing with new diseases and pests. EPPO.

  • Changes of ecosystems and adaptability to climate change.